How easygoals an AI based money coach to help user manage better finances was built in just 4 weeks?

About Easygoals

We all work hard and earn money however what we do with that hard earned money is what defines our future. We believe Money Management and Growing Wealth should be taught in schools and colleges. So when we are out in real world, we are well equipped to manage money. Unfortunately that’s not the case, hence the birth of EasyGoals. Where we we hope to address this lack of awareness on how to manage money and build wealth with the Money Coach, which will constantly help you track expenses, avoid overspending and give you reasonable investment targets to help you become financially independent

The Problem

The delivery rate of Chinese OEMs such as MI devices was abysmally low. As the overall adoption of Xiaomi devices grew, OYO had to find ways to increase the delivery rate for Xiaomi devices.'s Solution

OYO employed MoEngage’s Push Amplification + to improve its push delivery rate while personalizing messaging to send offers and discounts to users based on their app usage.


development time saved


Project cost saved

What They Say About Us

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John Doe

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